Meet the Characters of Graveyard Shift


Boss of Graveyard Shift

Existing since the beginning of time, Death runs the Afterlife, making sure souls are escorted to their proper place. She is very tired of her job. You would think she’s seen it all, but no. Humanity continues to evolve and much to her horror, it causes increases in her paperwork. She is so very done with everything, causing her to come across as rather apathetic. 

Likes: Coffee, efficiency, her scythe

Dislikes: Paperwork, chaos, Life


Head Reaper

Head Reaper Kaia serves as Death’s right hand woman. Kaia oversees all the Reapers, filters out problems to bring to Death’s attention and assists Death in anything she may need. She’s efficient, one of the many reasons why Death likes her so much. At first glance, Kaia often appears stern looking, but she’s a bit of a troublemaker herself, finding loopholes and silently laughing at the amount of trouble the other Reapers get into. 

Likes: Bending the rules, organization

Dislikes: Life and the trouble he brings


Death's Counterpart

Death’s counterpart, the warrior, Life. Smug and arrogant, Life who came into existence just seconds before Death, looks down at his counterpart for reasons only he knows. He often visits Graveyard Shift to cause ‘trouble’. Part of Death’s overworked job is because Life isn’t letting up on his side. Earth is almost filled to its brim and Death can’t get Life to stop creating more life. It’s a point of contention between them for the last several centuries.

Likes: Fighting, Wars,

Dislikes: Death’s Nagging, anything that dirties his armor 



Age: 37 (at time of death)

Death: Car Accident 

A newly dead soul, Joshua finds himself in the Afterlife, not entirely sure what exactly is going on. A nervous, timid man, Joshua’s life was unremarkable and rather mediocre. Kaia takes the opportunity to hire him on the spot. (Death, on the other hand, hates Joshua with a fierce passion for the amount of paperwork he caused her.) 

Likes: Feeding birds

Dislikes: Stressful situations



Age: 22 (at time of death)

Death: Heart Attack

Joy had done the impossible and extended her lifespan by two months before Death was called in to handle it. Joy didn’t take her sudden death very well, but quickly changed her tune upon discovering what exactly the Afterlife had to offer.  

Likes: Experimenting, explosions, finding new laws of physics to break

Dislikes: ???